On the night between June 23rd and 24th, considered a magical night, tradition dictates the preparation of St. John’s Water, allowing us to collect the dew of the Gods.

Folklore suggests that St. John’s Water possesses healing virtues and brings luck, health, and love.

The magic of the night between June 23rd and 24th is linked to the summer solstice, opening the doors to the new season. Summer, however, can bring events like drought or strong storms, and it’s precisely to protect the harvest that St. John’s Water was traditionally prepared.

To make St. John’s Water, one must go to the countryside, to an uncontaminated place, and collect all the fragrant herbs and flowers encountered along the way. Immerse the herbs and flowers in a bowl of water and wait throughout the night.

The moonlight and the morning dew extract all the beneficial properties from the flowers, which end up in the water.

In the morning, it’s customary to bathe with this water and offer it to relatives and friends.

The most commonly used herbs for preparing St. John’s Water are rosemary, roses, mint, artemisia, verbena, and lavend