Certain therapeutic plants have well-known properties and benefits, like chamomile or dandelion, and then there are others that are lesser-known; this includes broom.

This plant, scientifically known as Cytisus scoparius, grows spontaneously almost everywhere in Italy and presents a unique spectacle every year with its abundant yellow flowers.

Harvesting broom flowers can be done in spring, summer, or autumn, and to enjoy their properties, it’s preferable to let them dry in the sun.

The flowers are rich in tannins, glycosides, and essential oils, giving broom diuretic, astringent, vasoconstrictor, and hypertensive properties.

Broom is particularly useful for protecting the heart and serves as a natural remedy against heart failure, as it helps increase heart rate.

Thanks to its hypertensive properties, broom can be used to treat hypotension, but it is strongly discouraged for those suffering from hypertension.

The diuretic properties of broom are effective for those dealing with fluid retention. However, the use of broom is not recommended for pregnant women.

To enjoy the benefits of broom, you can prepare a herbal tea by boiling 2 teaspoons of dried flowers in 250 ml of water for about 3 minutes.