As the days transition to the cooler embrace of autumn, seasoned gardeners know that late September offers a prime opportunity to sow the seeds for a final harvest before winter’s arrival. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or a novice with a green thumb, this guide, curated by Jean Baptiste, will navigate you through the top 11 vegetables to plant at the end of September. Discover the ideal crops that thrive in the crisp fall weather, contributing to a flourishing winter garden. Before you embark on this planting endeavor, familiarize yourself with your region’s climate for tailored success.

sow at the end of September

The 11 Essential Vegetables:

  1. Kale or Kale:
    • Germinates at temperatures as low as 5°C.
    • Directly sow seeds or opt for established cultivars.
    • Regular thinning promotes optimal growth.
    • Enjoy continuous kale harvest throughout winter.
  2. Rocket (Arugula):
    • Harvestable in as little as six weeks.
    • Thrives in temperatures as low as 2-5°C.
    • Scatter seeds in potting soil for effortless growth.
    • Reseed throughout fall for extended harvest.
  3. Garlic:
    • Plant garlic bulbs from garden stores for reliable growth.
    • Late September planting yields garlic harvest in the heart of summer.
    • Provides garlic stalks for culinary use in spring.
  4. Peas:
    • Last harvest opportunity in fall.
    • Sturdy trellis support for fast growth.
    • Choose cold-hardy pea varieties.
    • Plant in full sun for sweet, sizable peas.
  5. Asparagus:
    • Requires 2-4 years for regular spear production.
    • Plant from seed in late September for future yields.
    • Thinner stems denote tenderness and enhanced flavor.cauliflower vegetable garden
  6. Cauliflower:
    • Best results from starter plants or established ones.
    • Plant in late September for guaranteed winter harvest.
    • Patience required for magnificent cauliflower heads.
  7. Turnip:
    • Easy-to-grow addition to late September gardens.
    • Both roots and leaves are edible.
    • Space seeds or thin the crop for minimal effort.
    • Short germination period of 5 to 10 weeks.
  8. Beets:
    • Suitable for hardiness zone 9 or higher.
    • Plant 4 weeks before first frost in lower zones.
    • Both beets and greens are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  9. Onions:
    • Sprout onions for early spring planting.
    • Requires at least four weeks of temperatures above 10°C.
    • Dormant over winter, ready for early spring harvest.
  10. Radishes:
    • Easy-to-grow like turnips.
    • Plant 4 weeks before estimated frost date.
    • Sow multiple seeds, thinning for simpler harvesting.
    • Adds a delightful red hue to fall dishes.
  11. Cabbage:
    • Ideal for warmer regions.
    • Plant seedlings in late September.
    • Provide ample space in the garden.
    • Protect delicate leaves from unexpected cold weather.


Spoiled for choice, your late September garden holds the promise of a vibrant array of vegetables. Whether you’re seeking the robust flavor of kale or the tender crunch of radishes, these carefully selected crops, when planted with care and attention, ensure a satisfying harvest to bridge the seasons. As you embark on this late-season planting adventure, share your tips and experiences to inspire fellow gardeners on their journey. Happy planting!