Cinnamon is one of the most widely used and appreciated spices globally. It possesses numerous health and beauty benefits, yet few are aware of its usefulness in gardening.

Powdered cinnamon is exceptionally beneficial for addressing various plant issues. It serves as an excellent natural fungicide, providing protection to plants, especially during the initial weeks.

1. Insects: Cinnamon acts as a repellent for ants, flies, and other insects. Simply sprinkle cinnamon around the plant to keep them at bay.

2. Fungi: Pour powdered cinnamon on fungi or mold that forms on plants to prevent their growth and reproduction. You can also spread it on the soil to enhance results.

3. Cuttings: When planting cuttings, avoid using chemical products to stimulate rooting hormones. Instead, add powdered cinnamon on the stem at the height of the cuttings you want to encourage to root.

Cinnamon’s natural properties make it a versatile and eco-friendly solution for various plant-related issues. Incorporating cinnamon into your gardening routine can contribute to healthier and more vibrant plants.