In the summer, balconies adorned with blooming flowers provide an aesthetically pleasing sight and bring great satisfaction to those who tend to them. However, not everyone possesses a green thumb, and some residences are oriented to the south, basking in full sunlight for many hours each day. This translates to the constant need for watering to ensure the longevity of the greenery!

Especially in such cases, it’s essential to choose plants that can withstand both high temperatures and prolonged exposure to sunlight. There are some plants that enrich our homes with magnificent and vibrant colors, requiring less frequent watering, making them perfect for both beauty and convenience.

Here’s the list!

These are the Plants That Thrive Under Direct Sunlight on Your Balcony

Plants That Thrive Under Direct Sunlight and Beautify Balconies:

  1. Geraniums: A classic choice perfect for summer temperatures. These flowers don’t demand excessive care but offer vibrant blooms. Water them daily, preferably after sunset during hot weather. They also act as a natural barrier against mosquitoes and gnats.
  2. Hydrangeas: With low maintenance requirements, hydrangeas need watering twice a week in moderate temperatures and every other day when it surpasses 30°C. Ensure they have a spacious pot for a beautiful bloom next year.
  3. Hibiscus: Adores hot summers but detests cold drafts. Place it in a sheltered spot, and it will reward you with brightly colored flowers.
  4. Bougainvillea: Although native to Central America, these plants thrive in our latitudes, especially along the coast. They prefer warm and humid climates. With vibrant leaves often mistaken for flowers, they attract insects and are climbers, requiring support to decorate surfaces like railings, arches, or balustrades.