Achieving a bountiful tomato harvest is truly a blessing, especially during the summer season. Tomatoes, with their seeds nestled inside, are fruits that stem from a flower. Packed with phosphorus, potassium, folates, vitamin C, and K, they owe their vibrant color to lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Tomatoes provide a high dose of antioxidants, lower blood pressure, combat aging, act as diuretics, promote digestion, support vision, and prevent muscle cramps.

Many cultivate them in their vegetable gardens, yards, or even in pots.

The sowing takes place in spring, and the harvest begins between May and June, extending until October. Tomatoes thrive in warmth and light, requiring a well-exposed sunny location. They need consistent but not excessive watering to avoid root rot. Weekly fertilization is recommended, and in return, they offer immense satisfaction.

In this regard, there exists a method of watering that fortifies them, resulting in lush and flourishing plants. Let’s explore this technique together!

Boost Your Tomato Harvest with This Simple Trick!

There’s a trick to enjoying an extraordinary tomato harvest, or cucumbers, or other vegetables, and it involves using a special liquid enriched with beneficial nutrients for plants: rice water. But beware! This is not the cooking water from rice, which should be avoided. Why? Simply because it contains salt in general.

That handful of coarse salt added to the pot when boiling rice, for example, risks being harmful to the roots, providing too much sodium chloride and potentially suffocating them.

So, what water are we talking about? It’s the water used to rinse rice before cooking.

As a general rule, rinsing rice grains to eliminate excess starch is a good practice. Place them in a fine-mesh sieve and rinse them under the tap, dispersing a phenomenal mix into the drains—an excellent boost for your garden! From now on, just place a bowl in the sink to collect and reuse this valuable liquid.

This ancient practice, widely used in China, yields a liquid rich in micronutrients capable of nourishing and fortifying plants. Simply water them once a week with this solution as close to the roots as possible to provide them with a burst of energy. They will reward you with abundant harvests!