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As summer and warmth arrive, many animals awaken from their slumber, particularly insects that begin to proliferate, especially in gardens. Today, let’s focus on ants, which can pose a significant threat to plants, especially fruit trees. To preserve the health of your plants, here’s a quick and effective remedy to keep ants away from your garden.

Why It’s Important to Keep Ants Away from Your Plants

The presence of pests and insects is not favorable for the well-being and health of your plants. It’s crucial to protect all plants from invasions, especially by ants. These tiny creatures are particularly drawn to fruit trees, as the sugars in the fruit are irresistible to them. While many people resort to traditional methods using chemical products to repel insects, these pesticides are not ideal for the health of your plants. Chemicals can damage the plants, harm the environment, and even affect your health.

To keep ants away from your garden, you can opt for a DIY remedy that is both effective and quick.

How to Create Your Own Ant-Repellent Method

With a few simple steps, you can create a DIY remedy to keep ants away from your fruit trees. All you need are kitchen hood filters, PVC string, and a pair of scissors. Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Cutting the Filter: Cut the filter based on the circumference of your tree. For thickness, aim for about 4-5 centimeters. Once cut, divide it into two strips.
  2. Applying the Filter: Wrap the filter strips around the trunk of the tree. Use the PVC string to tie the filter securely to the tree, creating a barrier that completely obstructs the passage of ants.

This barrier prevents the insects from climbing and bypassing it, ensuring they won’t reach the fruits of your tree. With this DIY method, you can reduce ant infestations by 70-80%, saving your plants. Additionally, this eco-friendly approach eliminates the need for chemical products to keep insects away, relying solely on a bit of ingenuity.

Now, all the plants in your garden can grow healthy and strong without being plagued by annoying insects during the warmer seasons. Keeping ants out of your garden will now be an easy, fast, and, most importantly, ecological endeavor.

Check out the video for more tips on safeguarding your vegetables from ants.