Why I Stopped Buying Mint: Growing it on My Balcony is Aromatic Bliss

By Francesca – Class of 1974, Classical Education Graduate, Bachelor’s Degree Holder

Mint, especially in summer, is truly a blessing.

Its fresh aroma is unmistakable and can transform lemonade into a non-alcoholic cocktail, a pitcher of tea into a refreshing beverage, and a zucchini salad into a tantalizing dish fit for a gourmet restaurant. In short, it’s indispensable.

Besides its delightful qualities, mint offers various health benefits. It supports the digestive system, reduces intestinal bloating, and possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, toning, and stimulating properties.

Now, in summer, buying mint seems paradoxical when we can easily cultivate it in a pot (or garden). We’ll benefit both in health and mental clarity.

Have you ever considered the etymology of its name? Derived from “mentis” in Latin, meaning the mind, because since ancient times, mint has been known to enhance clear thinking and a sharp memory.

It’s a resilient plant that requires minimal care but rewards us with its precious leaves.

Growing Mint: Keeping it Fresh and Within Reach

Mint is often considered invasive due to its tenacious and deep roots, along with its resilience. It withstands pests, multiplies rapidly, tolerates the heat of summer, and isn’t overly bothered by cold (though some protection is advisable in extremely harsh weather).

Whether purchased or gathered along trails, all you need is a sturdy, healthy stem at least 10 centimeters long.

  1. Prepare the Stem: Remove all but the last 4 or 5 upper leaves of the stem, then place it in a tall glass filled with water.
  2. Root Development: Position it in a bright corner inside the house. In about ten days, you’ll see new roots emerging, signaling it’s time to plant.
  3. Planting Process: Fill a pot with soil, add fertilizer, create a small hole, and gently insert the stem without causing damage.
  4. Care Routine: Cover and regularly water with fresh water.

Watch your mint plant grow rapidly. Prune it often, cutting the outer leaves, and use them to flavor your summer dishes!

Easy, isn’t it?! Enjoy the freshness and fragrance of your homegrown mint right on your balcony.