Primarily known for laundry and household cleaning, Marseille soap is, in fact, a highly versatile product that can prove to be incredibly useful in the garden. In this article, we’ll explain how to use Marseille soap as a natural insecticide to ward off red spiders, aphids, and scale insects.

Marseille soap is essentially a soft soap made from potassium. Chemically, it is a potassium salt of fatty acids, and its primary use is for personal hygiene and laundry. Thanks to its insecticidal properties, Marseille soap is also a valuable asset in the garden.

Using Marseille soap as an insecticide is an eco-friendly and effective method to combat certain pests, especially smaller ones. It’s a genuine resource that, besides being effective, is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic to our health and plants.

The benefits of Marseille soap as an insecticide are twofold: it not only repels insects but also acts as an adhesive, helping other treatments adhere well to the plant.

How to Prepare Marseille Soap Insecticide

To create an excellent natural insecticide, mix 10-20 grams of Marseille soap with one liter of water. If the soap is in liquid form, simply convert the measurements to centiliters. Use 10-20 centiliters of liquid Marseille soap for each liter of water.

Pour the solution into a spray bottle and apply it both on the plant and on the surface of the soil.

The effectiveness of Marseille soap is limited over time and diminishes as the watery solution dries on the plant. For this reason, apply the solution at least a couple of times a week for optimal results.