Taking care of a plant brings an immense reward: its blossoming. Almost as if, through the beauty of its flowers, it wants to express gratitude for our care. However, it can happen that months go by without a trace of blooms, and the plants might appear sad and lackluster.

If you have plants at home, it’s crucial to know their flowering period to have colorful spaces throughout the year. When a plant is mature and ready to reproduce, it develops beautiful flowers, which are part of their reproductive process, along with pollination and fertilization. The flowering of most plants occurs in spring.

If your plants are wilting, dying quickly, and never blooming, you might be doing something wrong, from watering to the plant’s placement. Here are 3 tricks to promote plant flowering.

Water with Ice Cubes

This trick is excellent to avoid saturating the soil with excess moisture. Place a couple of ice cubes once a week. As they melt, the ice will hydrate the soil, giving it time to absorb moisture and protecting the plant from water excess.

This type of watering is perfect for climbing plants and orchids, which tend to suffer from excessive humidity.

Water with Warm Water

Heat the water to a temperature of 25-30°C and water every three days or whenever the soil appears dry.

This trick will help the plant grow faster and have flowers for a longer period.

Blend Organic Residues

Certain scraps like banana peels, eggshells, and coffee residues can be blended together to create a kind of compost that will help plants stay strong and full of flowers.

Now that you know some effective tricks to stimulate plant flowering and prevent them from rotting, don’t hesitate to apply them to fill your home with color all year round.