Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in our gastronomy, and excluding it from our diet is nearly impossible and wouldn’t make much sense either.

Rich in vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, and numerous antioxidant compounds, garlic boasts a myriad of therapeutic properties and health benefits.

What few people know is that growing garlic in a pot is incredibly simple, requiring very little effort to have a constant supply of this excellent vegetable. Cultivating garlic at home provides a source of organic produce free from pesticides, along with economic savings.

To grow garlic, you’ll need 1 garlic clove, a pot approximately 20 centimeters deep, and potting soil.

Select a garlic clove and, without removing the peel, plant it about 10 centimeters deep in the soil, with the pointed side facing upward.

If you decide to plant more than one clove, make sure to leave about 8 cm of space between them. Garlic will take a few weeks to sprout.