A terrarium is a container that, inspired by the concept of an aquarium, houses a habitat for exotic animals or plants. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to create one.

The idea behind a terrarium is simple: it’s a collection of small decorative plants growing in a closed environment. The container must be transparent and have a large opening to allow access to the plants.

To prepare a terrarium, you’ll need a glass container, adhesive tape, small stones, activated charcoal, soil, medium-sized stones, and some small plants.

Regarding the plants, they should be small enough to fit into the glass container. Consider using Tillandsia stricta, Pilea involucrata, Cyathus bivittatus, Fittonia verschaffeltii var. Argyoneura, or other succulent family members.

Here are the instructions on how to create a horizontal or vertical terrarium:

  1. Wash the glass container and stones to prevent fungal growth.
  2. Once dry, use adhesive tape on the container opening to prevent soil spillage. Skip this step if you opt for a vertical terrarium.
  3. Add a thin layer of activated charcoal to maintain fresh water and prevent bacteria.
  4. Place small stones at the bottom of the container for drainage.
  5. Add an initial layer of soil, ensuring coverage across the entire terrarium.
  6. Introduce the plants, arranging them as you see fit.
  7. After placing the plants, cover their roots with soil. If you want to add moss, avoid using natural moss.
  8. Complete the decoration with stones of different sizes.
  9. Spritz water a couple of times to nourish the plants. Water will be recycled by the plants through respiration. Once this step is complete, you can seal the terrarium.
  10. It’s crucial to monitor humidity levels. During the initial days, the plant will be adapting to the new environment, but after a week, remove excess moisture by wiping the glass.

Enjoy your timeless terrarium, a captivating piece of nature in your living space!