Garlic is a kitchen essential, its unmistakable aroma enhances the flavor of numerous dishes. Growing it in your garden is undoubtedly a great satisfaction! It’s crucial to know when the right time is to harvest garlic and, more importantly, the techniques for doing so correctly. Here are some tips to obtain quality garlic bulbs.

When Is Garlic Ready for Harvest?

If you’ve decided to plant garlic in your garden, you need to know when the right time is to harvest it. In general, garlic bulbs are ready for harvest when the plant’s leaves begin to yellow and wither. For greater certainty, you can try partially extracting one of the larger bulbs from the soil. If its layers are dry and well-formed, then the garlic is ready. Of course, if you notice that the leaves are still green and lush, we recommend waiting a bit longer for the harvest.

Harvesting garlic on time is a fundamental operation. Leaving garlic in the ground for too long after its maturity risks compromising its quality. So, to obtain always tasty and flavorful garlic, you must pay close attention to the harvest. Usually, the right time for harvest depends on the planting. For example, if you planted garlic in your garden in October, you can harvest it at the beginning of May. If, on the other hand, you planted it in winter, you can proceed with the harvest between June and July.

How to Harvest Garlic and Store It Properly

As soon as the garlic has matured, you can proceed with its harvest. It is advisable to avoid harvesting when the soil is wet and muddy, as this may damage the bulbs. To harvest it correctly, you can use a garden tool, such as a fork. During this phase, we recommend acting with great care. After digging around the plant, you can gently lift the bulbs, removing excess soil. Using shears, you can remove any roots and stems attached to the bulbs, cleaning them perfectly. At this point, you need to store the garlic properly to make it last for a long time.

Immediately after harvest, we recommend letting the garlic rest for about a month before consuming it. You can let it air dry in a cool and ventilated place. After achieving perfect drying, the garlic can finally be consumed, and you can continue to store it for a long time. You can store it in a pantry, cellar, storeroom, or other well-ventilated places protected from direct sunlight. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can store garlic in wicker baskets or in glass containers. The important thing is to avoid placing it in overly humid environments.