• Inserting garlic into the soil helps prevent insect infestations effectively.
  • Utilizing tea and coffee grounds can greatly enhance the nutrients in the soil.
  • To combat insect infestations, you can eliminate pests by placing matchsticks in the soil.
  • Incorporating a small amount of sugar into your watering regimen boosts the health and shine of your plants.
  • Adding charcoal, either pieces or powdered, to the soil can improve your plant’s greenery.
  • Reusing water from boiled eggs and vegetables significantly enriches both the soil and the plants.
  • A solution of white or apple cider vinegar mixed with water, when sprayed on plants, proves advantageous, particularly for those exposed to direct sunlight.
  • A monthly spray of a yeast and sugar solution nourishes and strengthens plants.
  • Applying cinnamon on the soil’s surface aids in fungal protection, encourages root growth, and helps keep ants away from plants.