It’s not uncommon to seek effective remedies for keeping ants away from your living spaces, garden, and orchard. Fortunately, numerous natural solutions can help you ward off these pesky insects. Ever heard of natural ant powders? Discover what they are and how to use them.

Farewell to Ants with Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is an excellent natural repellent against ants, containing boron, a substance highly irritating to many insects. The boron-infused talcum powder acts as a natural barrier to keep ants away from your home. You can sprinkle the powder near cracks and openings through which ants might easily enter your living spaces.

Boric powder is also an excellent remedy for your garden and orchard, protecting all plants from ant infestation. With this remedy, you won’t kill the ants; you’ll simply keep them away from both the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

Use Diatomaceous Earth or Fossilized Flour

Diatomaceous earth, derived from sedimentary siliceous rocks, is an excellent natural repellent for ants. This powder damages the shells of insects upon contact, not only serving as a repellent but also acting as an insecticide. Diatomaceous earth adheres to the bodies of ants and, over time, dehydrates them, leading to their demise.

You can sprinkle fossilized flour in various areas of your home to deter ants. Be cautious not to let the mixture get wet, as it may lose its effectiveness. Therefore, keep the fossilized flour protected from rain. You can also use this remedy to protect your garden and orchard. Before spreading this compound, we recommend wearing a mask and gloves, as it could be irritating to the eyes and respiratory system. Once you’ve scattered the powder on the floor, there will be no more risk.

Try Zeolite Powder to Keep Ants at Bay

Zeolite powder is a highly porous rock powder capable of absorbing a lot of moisture. It serves as an excellent remedy against ants and parasites. You can protect your garden with this powder, which acts as both a repellent and an insecticide. Sprinkle it near plants, spray it with water on leaves, or create traps by using a container and sugary substances like honey to attract ants.

Say goodbye to ants using these natural remedies and keep your living spaces, garden, and orchard free from these tiny invaders.