Succulents are among the most cherished plants for gardening enthusiasts, boasting a variety of colors and shapes that captivate any observer. However, caring for succulents can be challenging, especially when kept indoors. Succulents store water in their leaves, which is why they often succumb to rot when placed in enclosed spaces like our homes.

Most succulents thrive in full sunlight. Nevertheless, it’s challenging to provide them with natural sunlight when kept indoors. Here are three tips to help address this challenge:

  1. Expose to Sunlight: Place the succulent on the balcony or near a well-lit window for at least 6 hours.
  2. Choose Slow-Growing, Green Varieties: Opt for slow-growing, green succulents as they adapt better to indoor spaces.
  3. Water Sparingly: Water every 10-15 days to prevent overwatering. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering.
  4. Fertilize Every 4 Months: Fertilize your succulent every four months using specialized products available in gardening stores, considering the specific needs of your plant.
  5. Select a Well-Draining Pot: Choose a pot with good drainage, and ensure the soil mix contains sand and gravel.

Reviving an Overwatered Succulent:

The simplest and most effective method to revive a succulent suffering from overwatering is as follows:

  1. Remove from the Pot: Take the succulent out of the pot and examine the stem and roots. Use a sterilized knife to trim away any blackened areas.
  2. Allow to Heal: Let the succulent dry and heal, taking care not to expose it to direct sunlight during this process.
  3. Replanting: After approximately 5 days, attempt to replant it. If using the same pot, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned, and add new soil.
  4. Transplant and Water: Transplant the succulent into the pot and water it.

Now that you know how to revive an overwatered succulent, try implementing these tips before deciding to part with your beloved plant.