Introduction: Succulents are among the most popular indoor plants, adding vibrant colors and varied shapes to our living spaces. Whether you already have a succulent or plan to get one, here are three foolproof methods to propagate and cultivate these beauties without risking root rot or decline.

Why Do Succulents Rot? The primary cause of succulent demise is excess water. Due to their fleshy nature, succulents can store significant amounts of water in both leaves and stems for extended periods. Proper watering involves once a week in summer and every three weeks in winter. Yellowing, transparent, or soft leaves indicate excess water. If damage is only on leaves, you can salvage the plant by reducing watering. However, stem involvement renders the plant irrecoverable.

3 Methods to Propagate Succulents:

  1. Leaf Propagation:
    • If a leaf falls off your succulent, seize the opportunity to propagate.
    • Alternatively, cut a leaf close to the soil using a clean, sharp knife.
    • Allow the leaf to callus for 72 hours, then plant it on the soil surface. Spritz some water onto the soil.
    • Once a 2-centimeter root forms, remove the dry leaf remnants, ensuring good drainage beneath the soil.
  2. Stem Propagation:
    • Similar to leaf propagation, but you use a stem this time.
    • Cut the stem closest to the soil with a clean, sharp knife.
    • Let the stem dry on newspaper for four days without water.
    • Plant the stem in soil and water after approximately three days.
  3. Offshoot Propagation:
    • Many succulents produce offshoots around the mother plant.
    • Only separate offshoots when their roots are sufficiently long.
    • If the offshoot has lengthy roots, use sharp scissors to separate it from the plant.
    • Allow it to dry for about three days, then plant it, ensuring thorough coverage of its roots and base.

Conclusion: These simple methods allow you to multiply your succulents efficiently. Remember to use clean tools, provide proper drying time, and ensure well-draining soil for a successful propagation journey. Happy succulent gardening!