Basil is a precious aromatic plant, easily cultivated on balconies or in the garden, and an essential ingredient that enhances the flavor of countless dishes. Typically requiring at least 8 hours of sunlight per day, with ideal growth temperatures ranging between 20 and 30 degrees, basil is a versatile herb. If you decide to grow a basil plant, understanding the correct harvesting techniques is crucial to prevent damage. Here are some useful tips.

How to Harvest Basil Correctly

The basil plant is delicate, requiring careful harvesting to avoid harm. Mistakes often happen during the collection process, such as randomly plucking leaves without following a specific protocol.

Firstly, it’s crucial to wait until the plant reaches an adequate size before harvesting; avoid plucking leaves if the plant hasn’t reached at least 15 cm. Also, refrain from collecting leaves too close to the ground. The timing of the day is also essential; it’s advisable to avoid harvesting under intense sunlight and instead wait for the evening when the air is cooler.

Typically, when harvesting basil leaves, proceed from top to bottom.

How to Consume and Preserve Basil Leaves

Basil, with its irresistible aroma and taste, is perfect for flavoring salads or various dishes. It can be consumed both fresh and cooked, suitable for both savory and sweet recipes. When plucking leaves from the plant, it’s recommended to consume them promptly; otherwise, they may begin to wilt. Another excellent idea is to prepare a delicious pesto that can be frozen and used whenever needed to dress pasta.

Basil elevates the taste of many Mediterranean dishes, from pizzas and sauces to soups and more. Beyond its culinary uses, basil possesses beneficial properties for the human body, and its aroma acts as a natural deterrent for insects and mosquitoes. Placing a basil plant in your garden or on your terrace can help keep mosquitoes at bay, especially during the summer season.

With these tips, you can extend the lifespan of your basil plant, ensuring a fresh supply for various culinary delights.