This article provides a detailed guide on how to promote the growth of orchids using a natural and simple method. The key ingredient in this method is brown rice, which is preferred over normal rice due to its higher content of essential elements like potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.

To start, one should water orchids every two weeks to maintain the right level of humidity, which helps the plant absorb fertilizers more efficiently. The next step involves preparing a mixture using brown rice. This is done by adding five tablespoons of brown rice to a plastic cup and mixing it with half a liter of water. After mixing, the solution is strained through a sieve to separate the liquid.

This rice water is then used in two ways to nourish the orchids. First, it is used to clean the leaves of the orchids. This is done by dipping cotton wool into the rice water and gently wiping the leaves. This process provides the plants with essential nutrients like proteins and group B vitamins, and a clean surface on the leaves enhances the plant’s growth and health. Additionally, applying rice water to the leaves once a month helps keep fungi and insects at bay, further promoting the plant’s longevity and health.

Secondly, rice water can be used to water the soil of the orchid plant. After letting the rice water sit in the soil for about 30 minutes, the roots can better absorb the nutrients, fostering stronger and faster growth.

For damaged orchids, an effective recovery method is repotting. Before replanting, the orchid’s leaves should be cleaned with rice water to ensure they receive necessary nourishment. After cleaning, the orchid plant can be placed in a glass filled with rice water for approximately 30 minutes. This step helps the roots to develop more rapidly. Post-replanting, it’s recommended to keep the plant in a cool place for a week before moving it to a brighter spot.

In summary, this natural method using rice water offers a simple yet effective way to grow healthy, lush, and numerous orchids. It emphasizes the importance of organic fertilizers over chemical products and provides a step-by-step guide to using rice water for orchid care.