Once you’ve tried infusing orange peels in alcohol, you’ll find it hard to resist doing it again. Clarissa Cusimano, in her March 17, 2023 article, shares a clever solution for a common household issue: pesky insects. By combining orange peels and alcohol, you create a potent insecticide that effectively banishes unwanted bugs while saving you money.

Don’t discard those orange peels after enjoying the fruit; they have myriad uses around the house. From making orange marmalade to freshening up your living space with their delightful aroma, these peels are versatile. After drying them, you can even place them in drawers and closets to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

But the real gem lies in their ability to combat insects, especially during the warmer months when pests become more prevalent. Instead of resorting to expensive commercial insecticides, you can whip up your own effective solution using orange peels, alcohol, vinegar, detergent, and water. Simply chop two orange peels, steep them in hot alcohol, then add vinegar, detergent, and water. Let the mixture sit for a couple of hours before transferring it to a spray bottle.

Spritz this homemade orange insecticide around your home, paying special attention to areas prone to insect activity. By consistently using this solution, you not only repel existing pests but also prevent future invasions. This eco-friendly alternative not only saves you money but also protects both your health and the environment. Say goodbye to expensive and harmful insecticides and hello to a home free from annoying pests.