Enhance Your Onion Harvest with This Special Supplement: Guaranteed Pest-Free and Abundant Yields

Enhance your onion planting with a special supplement to ensure a pest-free environment and dramatically increase yields. Read on for detailed guidance on this method.

Onions Free of Pests
It’s not quite time to plant onions, but we’re excited to share a supplement that promotes robust, healthy growth free from pests. An impressive harvest awaits if you follow these tips outlined below.

Planting Onions Properly
Although the optimal onion planting season is in the fall, around September or October, there’s a way to ensure they grow well without succumbing to rot. Start with either onion seeds or bulbs, depending on your preparation time.

Introducing the Special Supplement: Mycorrhiza
Prepare to use mycorrhiza, a type of fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with plants, facilitating nutrient absorption such as copper, phosphorus, and zinc. While it’s a bit pricey, a little goes a long way, ensuring longevity and value.

Applying Mycorrhiza to Onions
Think of mycorrhiza as a seasoning for your garden—only 5 grams per plant is necessary, easily measured with a small scale. It’s crucial to mix this into the soil at planting time, as soil doesn’t rejuvenate itself. Pre-enrich your soil with organic material like humus or manure to create an ideal growing environment.

Planting Onions with Mycorrhiza
In preparation for planting, loosen the soil and consider adding ash, which pairs well with onions, enhancing their growth and protecting against pests. The amount of ash used depends on the soil quality; less is needed for richer soils.

The Planting Method
The process is straightforward: dig holes shallow enough for onions, typically about the depth of a fist. Place each onion or seed in the hole, ensuring the bottom touches the mycorrhiza. Cover lightly with soil to ensure good contact between the onion and the fungus.

Final Steps
After positioning the onions, sprinkle ash around them to ward off pests, then cover this layer with more soil. This creates a protective barrier, keeping parasites at bay.

Follow these steps for each onion, and you’ll be set for a successful, bountiful harvest free of pests.