Dandelion, or “dente di leone” in Italian, is a medicinal plant that grows almost everywhere in Italy. Besides being rich in therapeutic properties, it produces fluffy flowers that are easy to identify – how many times have we blown on them as children?

The plant can be utilized in numerous ways, such as preparing herbal teas and tinctures. Its benefits and therapeutic properties are countless. Dandelion helps detoxify the body from toxins, facilitate the functions of kidneys, liver, and the digestive system, and prevent or alleviate symptoms of anemia.

Additionally, dandelion is very effective in regulating blood sugar levels, relieving inflammation, purifying and oxygenating the body, and has a mild laxative effect.

How to Plant Dandelion at Home Few people know that cultivating dandelion at home for easy access is straightforward. The plant adapts well to various situations due to its incredible resilience.

Here’s a simple guide to planting dandelion at home:

  1. Acquire Dandelion Seeds: You can find dandelion seeds in gardening stores, nurseries, or online – readily available in most places in Italy.
  2. Use Moist Soil: Dandelions thrive in damp soil and withstand cold temperatures well. Since you’ll mainly use the plant for making teas or tinctures, avoid using chemical fertilizers and opt for natural compost.
  3. Minimal Care Required: Dandelion seedlings don’t need special care. Water them every two days and place them in a well-exposed sunny corner.
  4. Blooming Season: Dandelions start flowering in May, and it’s recommended to harvest them between spring and autumn to enjoy their properties to the fullest.

Growing dandelion at home is an easy and rewarding endeavor, ensuring you always have this beneficial plant within reach.