Here is THE ultimate mosquito-repellent plant for your garden this summer (and it’s neither citronella nor geranium).

End the mosquito battle this summer. This time, we are using a method that is both natural and effective. Here is THE essential mosquito-repellent plant.

After citronella and scented geranium, meet the essential plant to cultivate at home to eliminate mosquitoes on summer nights. It’s southernwood. Let us show you how this plant keeps mosquitoes at bay.

Southernwood: THE plant that drives mosquitoes out of the garden

Southernwood is renowned for its mosquito-repelling qualities. Once planted in your garden, it will deter pests throughout the entire summer. You can thus relax during your summer nights without concern for mosquito bites. Plant southernwood outside to safeguard your outdoor seating area, or dry it to form a bouquet of dried southernwood for a natural mosquito repellent indoors.

What are the most effective plants for repelling mosquitoes?

Among the best-known mosquito-repellent plants are citronella, known for its pest-deterring aroma. There’s also the scented geranium, referred to as “pelargonium.” You may rub its leaves on your skin (especially on legs or arms) to ward off mosquitoes naturally. You might want to place your geraniums on your balcony or close to a window to stop mosquitoes from getting inside your house. It thrives in container gardens.

How do you care for southernwood, a mosquito-repellent plant?

Southernwood is low-maintenance compared to scented geranium. This sturdy plant will still require watering at its base during peak summer heat. It doesn’t require trimming. However, you should think about cutting it back in early spring to maintain an attractive bushy appearance.