Have you ever found slugs or snails in your garden? Chances are, you’ve encountered these slimy creatures at least once—whether the shelled variety or the naked ones known as slugs. Spotting them in the garden is quite common, and when their invasion becomes serious, it can pose a significant problem. Too many snails in your garden can potentially harm your plants.

Discover effective methods to keep snails and slugs away from your garden without resorting to harmful products.

Slugs and Snails in the Garden: Tips to Keep Them at Bay

Gardening experts are well aware of how to tackle the issue of snail invasion in the garden. They recommend some highly effective methods to protect the leaves, flowers, and fruits of the plants in our gardens. One popular method is the use of snail traps. Creating these traps is simple—grab a glass jar and fill it with cornflour. By placing the jar in the areas of your garden most infested with snails, you can attract and remove them effectively.

Snails love to eat cornflour, but if they overindulge, it becomes lethal for them. You can set up the trap in the evening since snails are more active in the garden during the night.

Another efficient method involves using beer. Snails are attracted to beer, and it turns out to be toxic for them. Fill a plastic cup or jar with beer and leave it in your garden. Thanks to this remedy, you can get rid of snails in no time, and your plants will be safe.

Additional Effective Solutions to Keep Snails Away

There are other remedies you can use to eliminate snails from your garden. For instance, you can employ the use of artemisia. After macerating cuttings of this plant for a day, you can spray the mixture on the soil, effectively keeping snails away. Alternatively, you can use diluted ammonia. This method not only eliminates snails but also tackles any harmful insects for your plants.

It’s also advisable to follow some precautions to prevent snail and slug infestations in your garden. Always keep the soil dry, as snails particularly favor moist conditions. Additionally, you can use ingredients that snails dislike, such as garlic, mint, ginger, chives, cabbage, violets, buttercups, and more.

By incorporating these natural and harmless methods, you can maintain a healthy garden and say goodbye to the troubles caused by slugs and snails.