• Poor tree nutrition.
  • Excessive watering during the fruit setting period.
  • Severe dehydration followed by heavy watering.
  • Watering during extreme heat (watering at noon).
  • Deficiency of iron, zinc, or boron in the tree.
  • Diseases such as powdery mildew.
  • Internal embryo rot (leading to fruit drop 45 days after setting).
  • Calcareous soil or alkaline water.
  • Planting fruit trees in heavy clay soils with poor drainage or in areas where the groundwater level is higher than 120 cm from the soil surface, especially in hot, dry climates.
  • High temperature fluctuations and a significant difference between night and day temperatures.

Recommended Precautions:

  • Implement quick light watering for orchards before any wave of hot weather fluctuations. Water in the morning.
  • Improve the health and physiological condition of the tree by applying an urgent spray of amino acids, growth stimulants, and micronutrients, especially iron and zinc. Apply an urgent spray before hot weather waves and another spray 1-2 days after the wave ends.
  • Maintain regular watering, avoiding both dehydration and continuous watering.
  • Avoid nitrogen fertilization.
  • Spray potassium phosphate twice, with a week between applications.
  • Spray calcium combined with amino acids and amino boron every 7 days after fruit setting.