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Heating without a radiator: when it’s cold, try grandma’s tricks!

Warming up without the cost of running a radiator day and night may seem impossible, but it’s a reality that is becoming increasingly popular! The old remedies of grandmothers are making a comeback to counteract high energy prices and safeguard the family budget.

Soaring bills are the true nightmare for Italians, and cushioning them as much as possible is a widespread imperative. Try these clever methods, and you’ll find the right warmth without breaking the bank!

Curious? Let’s get started!

Calefacción sin radiador: cuando hace frío, ¡prueba los trucos de la abuela!

Heating without a radiator: when it’s cold, try grandma’s tricks!

Let’s start with the basics: it may seem trivial, but the first thing to do is seal the windows as much as possible. In fact, if they are outdated or not functioning properly, they let in cold air, chilling the rooms and bones. Equip yourself with the classic fabric-filled foam “snakes,” the ones you saw at grandma’s house! If you don’t have any, simply roll up a plush towel to insulate your windows and doors.

Next, make the most of natural light possible: in the morning, open the blinds, lift the shutters, and widen the curtains. Sun rays will warm the room, and during the first part of the day, you can keep the radiators off.

Try the salt sock remedy, a tradition passed down through the ages. In ancient times, it was customary to make wool socks to protect feet from the cold, but not only for that. They were also used for warming up. Here’s how to resume this effective yet low-cost habit.

Toast some coarse salt in a non-stick pan, then transfer it into a wool or plush sock using a spoon or funnel and hold it next to you to warm your hands, stomach, or back. The salt also absorbs moisture. If you suffer from sinusitis, place the sock on your forehead; it will speed up healing and alleviate pain!

A similar trick is to fill a plastic bottle with warm water (not boiling, or it will deform). Heat a liter of water in a pan, then transfer it with a funnel to a bottle and keep it by your side to warm up when you’re cold.

Alternatively, make a fragrant infusion. Put some water in a pot, add 4 or 5 bay leaves, and bring to a boil. Pour everything into a glass jar. The resulting steam will perfume the air and provide a healthy warmth. If you love citrus scents, use orange or lemon peels; if you prefer warmer and more intense aromas, use a cinnamon stick.

And before bedtime, for a truly cozy bed without spending a fortune on heating appliances, turn to the hot hairdryer. Run it over the sheets and pillow, the blankets and quilt, then place it under the duvet and enjoy a night of refreshing warmth.

Simple, isn’t it?