Its vibrant colors can beautify balconies and gardens, yet few know that bougainvillea is also edible and boasts numerous therapeutic properties.

The benefits of bougainvillea are attributed to the rich phytochemical compounds it contains, such as bouganvinones, pinitol, betacyanins, flavonoids, and alkaloids. Here are the main benefits of bougainvillea:

1. Detoxifies the Body: The purple bracts of bougainvillea help cleanse the body by facilitating the expulsion of toxins and other residues that accumulate due to an unhealthy diet or pollution.

2. Diabetes Prevention: Some studies have shown that two extracts from bougainvillea provide benefits in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

3. Relieves Cough: The expectorant properties of bougainvillea make it an excellent remedy to alleviate coughs and promote the expulsion of mucus and phlegm.

4. Anti-diarrheal: A bougainvillea bract infusion helps to stop diarrhea and rehydrate the body.

5. Soothes Stomach Ache: A bougainvillea tea can be very effective in relieving stomach aches and acidity.

6. Alleviates Joint Pain: The anti-inflammatory properties of bougainvillea are excellent for relieving joint inflammation and, consequently, pain.

To prepare a delicious bougainvillea tea, you need about 6 bracts (the colored part of the plant, often mistakenly thought of as flowers, which are tiny and white) and 250 ml of water.

Bring the water to a boil, then add the thoroughly washed bracts. When the water changes color, remove from heat and let it cool for 5 minutes. You can add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it.