Who said you can’t have a blooming balcony even during the autumn season?

To add color and greenery to your balcony in the fall, you can achieve it by choosing the right plants.

Not all plants are suitable for every season, and below, you’ll discover which ones are perfect for decorating your balcony during the autumn days.

These plants don’t require warm temperatures, direct sunlight, or excessive watering. Instead, they thrive in cool environments with minimal hydration.

If you’re curious to find out which plants are ideal, keep reading.

Blossoming Balcony Even in Autumn: Discover How to Make It Happen!

The plants listed below are perfect for adorning your balcony during the chilly days of the year. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from placing these plants inside your home as well.

Decorate your home and balcony in a delightful way.

1. Cyclamen:

  • Cyclamen is a must-have for an autumn balcony. Known for bringing good luck, this flower features shades of pink, fuchsia, and pure white.

2. Erica:

  • Resembling lavender, Erica comes in vibrant pink, white, and blue hues. It’s advisable not to place it indoors as it doesn’t fare well in warm environments.

3. Gaultheria:

  • This plant can be placed in a small pot and, thanks to its vivid red berries, adds a touch of magic to your balcony.

4. Autumn Narcissus:

  • As the name suggests, autumn narcissus is perfect for your balcony in both autumn and winter. The yellow color of its flowers brings liveliness and a sense of joy even on the grayest days.

5. Pernettya:

  • Similar to Gaultheria, Pernettya differs only in the color of its berries, ranging from lilac to pink.

6. Vinca:

  • Vinca can be placed both inside and outside your home. As an evergreen plant, with proper care, you can enjoy its colorful flowers all year round.

7. Violet:

  • This plant is perfect for effortlessly facing the low temperatures of both autumn and winter.

Now, all you have to do is choose the plant that suits you best for your balcony or home. Even during the chilly days, you can enjoy the colorful touch you love.

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