Bringing home a beautiful plant only to witness its decline and the loss of its blossoms is a common experience. You might wonder why this happens and what can be done to prevent it. Plants from nurseries or supermarkets often undergo temperature shocks when transitioned to a new environment, causing changes in light exposure, nutrients, temperature, and humidity levels that stress the plants and hinder flowering.

Here are four effective tricks to make your plants bloom throughout the year, promoting their health, strength, and visual appeal.

First Trick: Tea Bags If you have the habit of drinking tea, never discard used tea bags. They can be excellent allies for fertilizing the soil of your plants, especially roses.

Remember to remove already dried flowers, allowing space for new blooms and sustaining the plant’s flowering process.

Second Trick: Cinnamon Obtain two cinnamon sticks, then prepare a tea by boiling them in water for a few minutes. Let it cool, then spray it directly onto the soil.

Alternatively, sprinkle cinnamon powder directly around the plant’s stem in the soil. Cinnamon contains essential nutrients for the plant. Apply it at least once a week.

Third Trick: Banana Peels and Eggshells Both ingredients are rich in nutrients for plants and are valuable in the garden. Combine washed banana peels with eggshells, add some used coffee grounds, and blend the mixture.

Pour the solution directly onto the soil as if it were compost.

Fourth Trick: Cloves Nutrients in the soil are crucial for a plant’s good growth and flowering. Cloves are rich in iron and can be of great assistance in the garden.

Place at least 3 or 4 cloves in the plant’s soil. They will release iron into the soil as you water the plant, making it healthier and stronger. Regular application of these tricks will help your plants thrive and bloom consistently, ensuring a vibrant and lively garden.