There are some plants that take advantage of the sunset to showcase their beauty. If you want to turn your garden or balcony into a fairy tale, pay attention to these night-blooming plants; you’ll fall in love with each one.

Most flowers bloom during the day and close their bulbs in the evening and at night to protect themselves from the weather and humidity.

Night-blooming flowers, on the other hand, are pollinated by insects like butterflies or moths, explaining their stronger fragrance and lighter colors.

Here are 20 night-blooming plants that will transform your balcony or garden into a true fairy tale:

  1. Brugmansia (Angel’s Trumpet): Known as the tree datura, its flowers open at night and close at dawn.
  2. Tuberose: Clusters of white flowers that open at night, releasing a pleasant fragrance.
  3. Cestrum Nocturnum (Night-Blooming Jasmine): Native to Cuba, it has a strong fragrance, opens at night, and closes at dawn, similar to jasmine.
  4. White Ipomoea (Moonflower): Petals stay open throughout the night and close at the first sunlight.
  5. Night Orchid (Bulbophyllum Nocturnum): Recently discovered, this unique orchid has long petals that open at night.
  6. Mock Orange (Philadelphus Coronarius): With an orange-like aroma, it has small white flowers.
  7. Night Phlox: Small cluster-like flowers that open at night, creating a stunning display.
  8. Magnolias: American natives with night-blooming varieties that release a pleasant aroma.
  9. Water Lilies: Some varieties of these fascinating water plants bloom at night and can reach a length of two meters.
  10. Nicotiana Alata: Grown for tobacco production, this plant blooms in the late afternoon and is highly fragrant.
  11. Indian Jasmine: Known for its intense fragrance, also used in cosmetics.
  12. Baobab: Although challenging to have in a garden or balcony, this tree has beautiful flowers that open at night for only 15 minutes.
  13. Lungwort (Pulmonaria): Available in various colors, its flowers open at night, releasing a pleasant fragrance.
  14. Matthiola Longipetala: Belonging to the broccoli family, this plant blooms at night, offering a stunning spectacle.
  15. Durian: A tropical plant known for its namesake fruit, it blooms at night with a pleasant aroma unlike its fruit.
  16. Night Gladiolus: Used by the Romans as a good luck charm during battles, it blooms at night, releasing a delightful fragrance.
  17. Cactus Flowers: Some types of cacti have flowers that are admired only at night.

Transform your outdoor space into a magical realm with these enchanting night-blooming plants.