As the air begins to carry a hint of autumn, it’s time to embark on a journey into the world of aromatic herbs. While some herbs may shy away from the approaching cold, hardier varieties are ready to flourish, gracing your dishes with fresh, invigorating flavors well into winter.

In regions where the weather is unpredictable, kickstart your herb garden indoors for a robust start. A modest windowsill propagator can work wonders, ensuring your herbs are well-prepared to face colder temperatures and the occasional frost. With a little effort now, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of vibrant, aromatic herbs to elevate your culinary creations during the winter months.

What Aromatic Herbs to Grow in September? Classic herbs like parsley are always an excellent choice, but why not venture into the realm of new and exciting varieties? Here are some suggestions:

10 aromatic plants to plant in September for great harvests all fall

1. Chervil:

Resembling feathery carrot tops, chervil offers a delightful hint of anise and Pernod. Perfect for salads or scrambled eggs, add it towards the end of cooking to preserve its delicate flavor.

2. Coriander:

While summer’s sunlight can be harsh on coriander, fall presents an ideal opportunity for a bountiful harvest. Sow seeds in deep pots, ensuring a rich compost for the deep taproot. Fresh coriander leaves are a splendid addition to Thai soups and curries.

3. Sorrel:

Embrace the lemony zest of sorrel, a herb that complements winter salads and enhances pea soup. Cultivate it in well-draining pots, and consider exploring the delightful red sorrel variety for a unique twist.

4. Parsley:

Opt for flat-leaf parsley, a far cry from its decorative curly cousin. Sown in September, it continues to thrive if covered with a cloche, offering a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire.

Garrigue savory

5. Garrigue Savory:

A robust and spicy herb reminiscent of thyme, garrigue savory thrives in the cool months. Plant it in a deep pot or directly in the garden, and watch it transform into a hardy, shrubby delight.

6. Dill:

Prone to wilting without proper care, dill benefits from a September start. With thoughtful cultivation, you can enjoy its distinctive flavor throughout the cooler months without concerns of premature seeding.

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Spoilt for choice, your selection of aromatic herbs depends on your palate and preferences. These easy-to-grow herbs not only add depth to your recipes but also bring an undeniable charm to your gardening endeavors. Share with us your favorites and the delightful ways you incorporate these aromatic wonders into your culinary creations!