Title: Keeping Snails at Bay in Your Garden: My Successful Solution!

Published on May 15, 2023

Meet Francesca: Your Gardening Companion

Francesca shares her effective strategy for keeping snails and slugs away from the garden or vegetable patch. Bid farewell to these unwanted guests with simple, natural, and budget-friendly remedies.

The Unwanted Guests: Snails and Slugs

Feared by gardeners and vegetable enthusiasts alike, snails and slugs are often considered formidable foes! While their reputation has improved due to scientific discoveries highlighting their potential in skincare, they remain hazardous pests to the well-being of our green spaces.

Consider, for instance, their slime, now praised for its anti-aging properties when processed. Some even cultivate them for this precious fluid! However, in our gardens, they reveal their true nature—intruders, leaf devourers, and not the allies of beauty we might wish for.

Snails, with their charming shells, might appeal to children, while land snails, lacking shells, are decidedly less captivating. Yet, both pose threats to our plants, whether they be ornamental or edible.

Let’s explore how to protect our green spaces from these unwelcome visitors.

Keeping Snails Away: A Natural Approach

Deterring snails from the garden or vegetable patch is not only possible but surprisingly easy—and there’s no need for industrial products. While the market offers various options, their ingredients may contain potentially harmful substances for the soil. It’s advisable to lean towards natural, safe, and cost-effective remedies.

For those seeking a bit of revenge, a homemade trap can be set by placing a bowl or plate filled with beer in the garden. Attracted by the scent, snails will venture into the container, becoming ensnared in the dark liquid with no escape.

If the idea of gathering them all in one spot doesn’t appeal to you, and you’d rather make them disappear as if by magic, consider the enchantment of ash! In reality, it’s one of the oldest remedies—something our grandmothers and their grandmothers used.

Ash Magic: Keeping Snails at Bay

To use this natural barrier, collect ash from your fireplace and spread it around the flower beds, creating a protective border. Snails and slugs, averse to this substance that dries out their bodies, will steer clear, dissuaded from returning.

Eggshells serve a similar purpose. Crush them into small pieces and distribute them where these pests linger. In no time, you’ll free your garden from these invaders while nourishing the soil with beneficial nutrients.

Both ash and eggshells provide a dual function: fortifying the soil and warding off pests with a single application. Embrace these time-tested remedies, and enjoy a garden free from unwanted snail visitors!