Did you know that tomatoes thrive when given ample attention? Tomato seedlings need fertilization post-germination, though not right away. Initially, the nutrients in the soil suffice for the first few weeks. However, once the seedlings sprout a couple of true leaves, they require more than just appropriate lighting, regular watering, and optimal temperature.

If the seedlings begin to grow slowly, look sick, start wilting, or even show a hint of yellow, it’s time to administer a special vitamin mix. This tonic revitalizes the seedlings, restoring their vigor and health.

Making this powerful fertilizer is straightforward and doesn’t require costly ingredients. Most of the materials are commonly available at home.

To start, place banana peels, orange peels, and some peels from garlic and onions into a large three-liter glass jar. Fill the jar with hot water at approximately 80 degrees Celsius—avoid boiling water, as it can destroy many beneficial substances.

Allow this mixture to steep in a dry, warm place for three days. Afterward, dilute it with water at a ratio of one glass per liter. Use this solution for watering the seedlings in place of regular water, adhering to usual watering amounts.

This homemade fertilizer is rich in essential vitamins and valuable micronutrients. It also serves as an effective preventative against various seedling diseases. Once you’ve used up the tincture, simply prepare another batch and continue feeding the seedlings until they are ready to be transplanted outdoors.