Having plants at home not only helps to decorate but also purifies indoor air and improves our mood. Among the most effective plants in transmitting positive energy, the jade plant undoubtedly holds a prominent position.

Just like all succulent plants, the jade plant requires very little care. However, few people know that reproducing a jade plant is equally easy, and all it takes is a single leaf.

Below, we suggest a natural method to quickly propagate a jade plant, allowing you to obtain several different seedlings to decorate your entire home.

Method with Cinnamon to Propagate a Jade Plant

You’ll need:

  • Several jade plant leaves, varying in size
  • Cinnamon powder
  • A shallow pot
  • Universal soil


  1. Wipe each jade plant leaf with a clean cloth to remove any residue.
  2. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on a plate.
  3. Dip each side of the jade plant leaf into the cinnamon. This is done to allow the base of the leaves to heal.
  4. Fill the shallow pot with universal soil.
  5. Place the jade plant leaves in the soil, all facing upward. The leaves should be resting on the soil, not buried.
  6. During this process, the leaves do not need watering. Just spray a small amount of water every 3-4 days.
  7. After a few days, tiny shoots will begin to emerge from the base of each leaf, which are essentially small new leaves.
  8. It’s now time to transplant the shoots into new individual pots, allowing them to grow into jade plant plants.
  9. Place your jade plant in areas with low humidity and avoid direct sunlight. Prune it during spring or summer.

By following these simple steps, you can easily propagate a jade plant from a single leaf and enjoy the beauty of multiple plants throughout your home.