Peppers are a staple ingredient in Italian cuisine. Whether they’re spicy or sweet, they can add a flavorful kick to all our savory dishes. If you want to ensure they’re always available in your kitchen, we’ll reveal the easiest way to grow peppers at home without the need for a garden.

In addition to being kitchen essentials, peppers are rich in therapeutic properties. They can stimulate metabolism and have a thermogenic effect that contributes to fat burning.

How to Grow Peppers in Pots?

  1. Collect the Seeds: Extract seeds from a pepper, wash them thoroughly, and let them dry in the sun for 2 or 3 days.
  2. Prepare the Pots: Fill small pots with soil. You can recycle yogurt pots for this purpose. Place 4-5 pepper seeds in each pot, burying them about 1 centimeter deep.
  3. Watering and Sunlight: Water every three days, avoiding excessive amounts. Place the pots near a well-exposed sunny window, as the seedlings need direct sunlight.
  4. Transplanting: After 8-12 weeks, when the seedlings have reached a height of 5-10 centimeters, transplant them into larger pots. Fill the pots with vegetable soil, leaving a space of 10 centimeters between each plant.
  5. Optimal Conditions: Place the pots in a warm and sunlit area inside your home.
  6. Harvesting: Once the plant reaches a height of about 40-50 centimeters, it will be ready to bear fruit. The plant can produce peppers 3-4 times a year.

Now that you know how to grow peppers at home, you can have a constant supply and add a touch of flavor and spice to your dishes.

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