Elderberry is a medicinal plant that offers marvelous anti-inflammatory benefits, useful for alleviating the symptoms of colds and flu.

Elderflowers are used in natural medicine to reduce fever, relieve inflammation and irritation, and for their diuretic effect. Here are the wonderful properties of elderflowers and all the ways you can use them.


Elderflowers are excellent for alleviating the symptoms of colds and allergies. To enjoy their benefits, prepare a tea by pouring two tablespoons of fresh or dried elderflowers into 250 ml of boiling water. Let the flowers steep for 10 minutes, then strain and sweeten with honey before drinking.


Elderflower tea is also effective in lowering triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels, thanks to their quercetin content.


Elderflowers contain vitamin C, which protects the skin and other organs from oxidative stress, a cause of conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.


With elderflowers, you can prepare an effective cream to promote the healing of cuts and wounds, as well as to accelerate the healing of chapped skin.

Mix 6 parts of liquid vaseline with 3 parts of fresh elderflowers. Heat it slowly until the flowers “melt,” then strain the mixture and let it cool. Store the healing cream in the refrigerator, in a sterilized glass jar with a tight seal.