If you’re stepping into the world of gardening, you should know that you can cultivate aromatic plants in water. It’s a great alternative, especially if you want to avoid the mess of soil in your kitchen.

However, there are a few rules to follow for a perfect outcome. First and foremost, avoid using tap water. If you have no choice, let the water aerate overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate. Optimal water for this method should contain minerals and trace elements, such as rainwater or well water.

Dark or amber-colored jars are recommended to keep the roots in the dark. If you have transparent glass jars, simply wrap them in colored paper. Containers with narrow openings are ideal to keep the plants in an upright position.

Now, let’s discover which plants you can cultivate using this method.

Top 10 Aromatic Plants to Grow in Water:

  1. Mint: With its high menthol content, mint keeps the environment cool without affecting the temperature.
  2. Spearmint: Similar to regular mint, spearmint shares its cooling properties.
  3. Oregano: A staple in Mediterranean dishes, oregano can thrive when placed in a jar with water.
  4. Rosemary: Resilient and slow to root, rosemary withstands deterioration over time.
  5. Sage: Prone to mold, sage needs a well-ventilated and cool spot. It grows slowly but is worth the effort.
  6. Stevia: Perfect for desserts, infusions, and teas, stevia requires a warm and bright location for water cultivation.
  7. Thyme: Cut green shoots, place them in water during spring, and watch thyme grow.
  8. Basil: Pour water into a jar, position it in a bright spot, and you’re all set for growing basil.
  9. Verbena: While sensitive to enclosed spaces, verbena is easy to cultivate. Cut it in spring, place it in water, and wait for the roots to appear. Regular watering is essential.
  10. Tarragon: There are various types of French tarragon, and they should be planted in spring. Remember, it grows slowly and requires light, clean water.

Happy gardening, and may your green thumb thrive!