Having plants at home is an excellent way to add a more welcoming and colorful touch to indoor spaces. However, merely watering them occasionally is not enough to keep them healthy; you also need to “feed” them with the necessary nutrients to maintain their beautiful greenery and encourage more blooms.

Here are 7 natural fertilizers that you can use to stimulate the growth and flowering of your plants. These simple ingredients are readily available and offer an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers.

1. Coffee

  • Perfect for roses and hydrangeas, coffee grounds can also be used for vegetables.
  • Dry coffee grounds on newspaper and store them in a dry container.
  • Add some to the water you use for watering and apply once a month.

2. Gelatin

  • Gelatin is a source of nitrogen, a nutrient essential for leaf growth.
  • Dissolve a packet of gelatin in 250 ml of hot water, add 750 ml of cold water, and use it to water your plants once a month.

3. Banana Peels

  • Rich in potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, banana peels are ideal for flowering or fruiting plants.
  • Cut banana peels into pieces and bury them in the plant’s soil.

4. Wood Ash

  • Excellent for providing plants with calcium carbonate and potassium.
  • Sprinkle wood ash on the soil surface, mix it in a bit, and water immediately to let the ash penetrate the soil.

5. White Vinegar

  • Not just for the kitchen, white vinegar is an excellent ally for plant enthusiasts.
  • Mix a tablespoon of white vinegar in a liter of water and use this solution to water the plant every three months.

6. Eggshells

  • High in calcium, crucial for plant growth.
  • Crush and dry eggshells; then, grind them and add to the plant’s soil.

7. Hair

  • Surprisingly rich in nutrients like nitrogen and magnesium.
  • Collect fallen hair from combing or showering and add it to your plant’s soil.

These natural fertilizers can be easily incorporated into your plant care routine, providing essential nutrients for robust growth and vibrant blooms.